Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Drunk Spider

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Smokey Mc Bong Water


Here are a few recent shots that hopefully capture the
essence of the individual...
Just a few the characters in and around a whales life.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hola Amigos,

Its Mid ‘MOVEMBER’ again!
And that Spanish Caterpillar has crawled back onto my lip!

He is very persistent in his “War on Prostate Cancer” and has set up camp for the month of November, picketing for donations at every chance he gets. Please send some money our way as Mr Caterpillar makes life very uncomfortable for me if we don’t raise enough money, hiding food scraps, tickling my nose &
generally repelling most females.

However once the money starts flowing, he transforms into a smooth talking, charismatic Don Juan style Pillar.

So please dig deep and click this link to donate!

Or Write a cheque payable to ‘Movember Foundation',
referencing my Registration Number 2108151 and mailing it to:

Movember Foundation
PO Box 292
Prahran VIC 3181

Remember, all donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Muchos Apprecios


Movember - Attend a Gala Parte

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lyrics for the morning...

"You pester and question my motives for things
But I can't decide what all the answers concede
To be true, to be false
To be checking my pulse
If I'm still alive thinking or acting impulsive
Don't know if I'm still clasping for the high ground
Don't know if I want my voice to make a new sound
I guess you might say it beats living in squalor
But we must not live for the almighty dollar"

Money is not everything
So let's enjoy work today lads

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Dear God, I love you, but I think you’re way wrong about sex...

A wild concept for anyone who's ever wanted to talk to God. All be it rather humbling when you read some of the stories. Suddenly this mornings frustrated road rage seems rather irrelevant...


Sunday, November 2, 2008

"Saul Williams X Obey Giant"

Saul Williams is one of my favorite musicians/poets/revolutionaries!
I saw him perform at the Falls Festival a couple of years ago and he
blew my mind. Here are his words on the "Vote for Change" ;P

Dear History,

For too long have I pondered your meaning, memorized dates of battles, years of servitude, decades of injustice, named eras after movements, mourned the extinction of species, cursed founding fathers, worn vintage suits and cloaked myself with references of your hold on me.

I have walked through museums wondering how it is that greatness had lived and died all before my time. Parts of me feared becoming great because it seemed to include a price of death and a postmortem glory that my memory could never resurrect. I've stared at paintings dying to catch glimpses of the painter, closed my eyes to listen to songs that drunken ghosts dance to, and all the while I've fought to FREE the present to BECOME.

In 1995, I stood with poets in the middle of the Brooklyn Bridge, barking metaphors at the new moon of the summer solstice wedging words into it's craters, sewing seeds through nightly wind.

In 1996, I forced the ocean back with words, fathered planets, climbed pyramids, and began to decipher the sirens song to conjure the dream-filled Children of the Night.

In 1997, I stood with prisoners in our nations capitol bending bars with the power of thought as wordsmiths served sentences and Hip Hop diddy-dandified itself: stealing golden calves from the Old Testament to smuggle into the lavish crib of Pontius Pilate for it's birthday party

In 1998, I swallowed fear and sun-danced on film reels, projecting a me that had not been into a me that ever shall be.

And HERE I stand, ten years the difference and witness to changing hands.

Dear History,
I beat you. I stand a generator of generations bearing witness to a world that we are holding accountable for past actions. Me and my friends, we're changing our diets, re-inventing marriage, check-mating capitalism, re-defining ethics, replacing cruelty with compassion, and have sworn not to re-elect the sins of the father.

We are casting our votes for so much more than a lesser of evils, but for change, and greater insight, for wisdom out of the mouths of babes, for races that bleed into ONE.

Dear History,
You are behind us and we are no longer looking back. We are standing on the threshold of new times, new days, new worlds, and charging forward without battle cry or trumpet, while cynicism, apathy, and cowardice take their place beside you, behind us.

Dear History,
We no longer believe in you. We have invested our our thoughts and dreams into the present moment and opportunity to shift our reality into one that does not resemble your dog-eared books.

We stand on the shoulders of those who have dared to dream and on the necks of those who have wasted their time and ours proclaiming a past past its prime.

Dear History,
Blitz! It's my turn now. You can have your mounds of flesh, leather boots, cannons and sabers, nooses and guillotines, warships and fighter planes, trails of tears and blood, genocides, dungeons and dragons, ghost stories and fairy tales..........

Come on guys! Help me out! ~ Saul
Click here for more videos from Vote For Change