Friday, April 24, 2009

In the city that never sleeps...

Well yesterday was quite surreal. We travelled out to New York state
to listen to the tales of Tim Boggan, saw some stars on the red carpet
downtown & rocked out to Shiny Toy Guns at Webster Hall... All in a
days work hey.

Then today we filmed some sequences in the subway & met the
godfather of ping pong in New York, Marty Reisman. The guys a living
legend and we got to play him in the basement of a ritzy hotel. A nice
cover for his underground club. We were told to take the elevator to
the basement, take a left along the hallway and hollar. So we put
several hours in there and just finished some dinner at 1am...

Wally Green is taking us down to Harlem tomorrow... Can't wait ;P

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New York City

Well the tour is in full swing! It's been a whirlwind lead up to our
current residence in downtown New York. Luke and I flew to LA last
week and caught a train straight down to Sunny San Diego! We stayed at
my good friend Sarah's apartment for 2 days, drinking beer, eating
great Mexican & flaring on the gaslight strip & pacific beach. Just
made our flight to Vegas nursing cryptic hangovers and were blown away
by the sites and sounds of sin city. What followed in the next two
days and nights was definitely some of the wildest times I've ever
had! Luke and I were neck deep in blackjack syndicates throwing down
greenbacks, sippin on whiskey and scotch with cocktail waitresses who
looked like they were straight out of a Victoria Secret catalouge. We
were up, we were down, we were down, down, down. But never dropped a
beat because hell, it was Vegas! Our casino had an amazing outdoor
pool, which was our oasis in the Nevada desert. One hour sleep, still
wearing my boots and a hat, we got our 430 wake up call and once again
rushed to catch our flight into New York.

We settled into our apartment in lower Manhattan, and freshened up
before getting our first pepperoni slice of the trip. Then it was
goodtimes when the rest of the crew, Rummy, Hollywood, Dunks & Big Top
rolled up that night in big van. So offcourse it was slices all round
and down to an irish pub to compare storys and a few pints. Then out
of the dark at about 1am in walks a client and good friend of
Bluefish, George S. Completly random, I'd had a meeting with him a
week prior and neither of us had mentioned our trips. So of all the
bars in all the world, a small dusty old Irish pub in NYC turned into
a melting pot of more stories and ideas into the wee hours.

It feels almost surreal that were here now exploring the frosty
streets... Today was our first day of shooting, time lapses in Times
Square, steam out of the subway and all the boys rolling downtown. A
quiet dinner at Alonso's Steakhouse tonight before we head out to Long
Island tomorrow to meet the worlds greatest Ping Pong historian, Tim

;Puerto (NYC)

Las Vegas

Mike Giant - San Diego

San Diego


Monday, April 13, 2009

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


In one week the boys from A Whales Life will embark on an adventure to LA, Las Vegas, New York & Mexico.
This will be a tour of different sorts, as we attempt to unveil an underground Ping Pong scene emerging in NYC.
Who knows how this one will pan out but all I can say is it's going to be a wild ride! I'll update as we go!
You heard it here first, Ping Pong is the New Black!

The image is from rad artist collective eboy